Only the distillates of the best vintages are selected and aged for at least 21 long years before marrying in a blend that is unequaled in the world of brandy. Asbach 21 is our “Selection” is our entry to the world of connoisseurs and those demanding of fine spirits. with special care from the best wine growing areas and aged for at least 15 years in small Limousin oak barrels are the essence of this Spezialbrand Asbach YR brandy. It is the perfect balance between style, elegance and harmony sure to delight the palate.

Asbach 15 YR is part of the new range of Asbach fine brandy available now in the US market. Its production and aging are carefully monitored until the peak of expression is achieved to bring to the market an aged reserve special brandy comparable to the ultra- premium cognac range and beyond.

Its full-bodied , mellow taste and distinctive amber color make it a truly unique experience equal to any X.O.

Smoother than cognac and purer in taste